​​ Blessings & Greetings from the Owner ​​
Welcome All,
The vision for Victory By Choice was developed as a pure manifestation of my personal on-going spiritual journey. I have been blessed to recognize the true glory of God and the way He has shown up and shown out in my own life.
The company will forever evolve and grow as we meet new people and discover new truths that will promote, encourage and inspire the communities and worlds around us. Through the sharing of knowledge, exploration and discovery of new concepts we will elevate the vibrations of mass consciousness to increase the presence of love in our world.
My purpose at this divine time is to assist in the beauty of self-discovery and enlightening the spirit of others to recognize their God-given truths and talents. For these are truly our divine gifts.  
Victory by Choice will help to deliver individuals from victim consciousness into divine consciousness as victors. The recognition of a Divine Godly presence in our lives, gives us light and optimism in a place of darkness. He has called us to showcase the blessings of His love to dispell the discouragement in the heart of those motivated or driven by fear. With your help we can be a resource for those whom have yet to see their true light. We have been called to inspire hope in the hearts of the hopeless. 
Our God is with us and within us at all times. He is the Most High and the one and only Creator of all that is and ever will be. He has blessed me with a vision I have been charged to share, but my mission cannot be fulfilled alone. I need you. . .  
We have been brought here to claim VICTORY & ABUNDANCE!
Together we will raise the world's vibrations as a collective, loving ourselves unconditionally as God loves us. 
We are made in His image; “You are gods, sons (& daughters) of the Most High, all of you;" 
{Psalm 82:6} God gave us the power to create worlds with a single thought under His direction. 
We are VICTORS by His grace. . . Choose VICTORY because you are destined for Greatness. 

Victory by Choice -not by chance!
Mrs. Shadae C. Bumpers, M.Ed
​The Spiritual Alchemist - ​#SexyMagician
Victory By Choice, Inc -Owner & Master Builder 

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Founder & Owner,
Shadae Bumpers, M.Ed

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